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In downtown Denver today, with the iconic Daniels & Fisher Tower looming large in the background. The Italianate building is modeled after the Campanile at the Piazza San Marco, in Venice. Regardless of the hour,… https://t.co/a2BEs44Fqp

Such a privilege to present at the leadership conference of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection today. The topic: Personal Branding and Executive Presence. To be addressing a packed audience… https://t.co/ZwFKcopM88

A taste of snow in Denver today. Fortunately, I never experience anything but a warm welcome anytime I visit the Mile High City ❄️❄️

#travel #denver #colorado #milehighcity #snow #tasteofwinter #menswear… https://t.co/07SHa0uWoU

Thanks for the warm welcome today, @azfamily! Coming up at 9:10 a.m. MST, we’ll be playing an #etiquette game show with the hosts. For those in the #phoenix area, play along and see how you do! #goodmorningarizona

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