Cookie Cheer

Cookie Cheer


We live in a small Midwestern town. When my husband fell ill earlier this year, a great many people went the extra mile (and then some) to help us in various ways. We’re currently short on spare funds, but well-stocked on flour, sugar, and good cheer. Is it acceptable to take brownies and other treats to the post office, doctor’s office and other organizations that have been so kind to us?

—Audrey L.


By all means spread the cheer through baked goods! The love and care that goes into warm homemade holiday cookies can sometimes mean even more than cold, hard cash.
If the recipient will be someone who is accustomed to receiving a tip from you at the end of the year (a hairdresser or a babysitter, for instance), be sure to convey that your not tipping him or her this year doesn’t reflect on the level of service that you have received. State simply that funds are a bit tight for you and that you nonetheless want to express your appreciation in the most sincere way possible. The best way to do this is (in addition to the baked goods) is with a holiday card/thank-you note that acknowledges your gratitude and accompanies the wrapped goodies.