Baby Shower Gifts (Please!) Says Kenya Moore

///Baby Shower Gifts (Please!) Says Kenya Moore

Baby Shower Gifts (Please!) Says Kenya Moore

Baby Shower Gifts (Please!) Says Kenya Moore

October 15, 2018

Bringing a baby into the world is a journey filled with emotions—especially during the home stretch. And for that reason, we should cut former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore a bit of slack for venting her frustrations with guests for her forthcoming baby shower.

Moore, who is expecting a child with her newlywed husband Mark Daly at the end of November, took to Instagram Stories on Saturday to grouse that not all of her guests have RSVP’d. Wrote the RHOA star: “RSVP literally means RESPOND PLEASE in French so if you get an invitation, respond with a yes or no if you will be attending.”

The reality TV celeb went on to say: “#Etiquette101: If you cannot attend a monumental life-changing event in a friend’s life, it’s nice to send a gift anyways (weddings, graduations, baby showers). Or is it not about class? It is NOT about a dollar amount. It’s to show you care the same way the person cared to invite you to share a moment in their life.”

On these two points, I could not agree Moore 😊. Party guests of every stripe need to step up and realize that an invitation is a privilege, and withholding an RSVP–for whatever reason–is inconsiderate. Leaving the host of an event without a proper guest count has all sorts of ramifications for catering. It may also hold up the sending of a second wave of invites, pending RSVPs from the first wave.

Where I diverge with Kenya is on the passionate plea for presents. Though it’s tough to argue with Kenya’s tip for guests who can’t attend (“it’s nice to send a gift anyways,”) it’s also unseemly for her to guilt them into doing so.

A baby shower should be an opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the pending arrival of a loved one’s new bundle of joy. It should not be a campaign to enforce gift-giving from each and every invitee (no matter how distant) If a guest who declines the invite also declines to send a gift, he or she should not be held accountable.

Wishing Kenya a terrific baby shower and that her guests all RSVP. And with respect to gifts from those who don’t attend, sometimes less is Moore.