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Doing Client Deals Over Meals

Description: Knowing which foods to order (and which ones to avoid); being comfortable choosing wine for the table; subtly signaling to the server you are still eating; and picking up the check without fuss are among the many skills needed for doing business over a meal. Once your team has mastered dining etiquette, big deals will be the just desserts.

Session Achievements (partial list):
• Selecting the right restaurant
• Avoiding troublesome cuisine
• Breaking bread: pulling vs. knawing
• Waiting for the rest of the table before starting
• Tilting your soup bowl… why it’s perfectly okay
• Determining the best time to talk shop
• Handling the bill without awkwardness

Scheduling Options:

  • Lunch & Learn
  • Dinner Session

Working The Room

Description: This session provides professionals with a real-world opportunity to practice the best ways to network with colleagues and clients. They’ll hone their elevator speech, develop new ways of remembering names and polish their “pickup lines” to join conversations already in progress. Also: “The Rule of 7” for engaging the greatest number of new contacts per hour.

Session Achievements (partial list):
• Starting conversations with strangers
• Owning your introduction
• Shaking hands and making eye contact
• Remembering names
• Exchanging business cards
• Knowing how to exit a conversation gracefully
• Following up after an event

Scheduling Options:

  • Lunch & Learn
  • Half-Day
  • After-Hours Reception