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Red-Carpet Refinement

Description: Lights! Camera! Action! This one-on-one course is especially designed for actors and VIPs who are new to the whirlwind world of the step and repeat. Performers who have jitters about arriving at an event where they’ll be blinded by flashes before being shooed to speak with yelling members of the press will find exactly what they need here. This program can also be offered to agents and publicists, or to groups of agency clients by special request.

Session Achievements (partial list):
• Knowing before going: The importance of understanding the event and who will be there
• Dressing the part, whether “festive” or “formal,” observing the code
• Practicing your small talk and bringing your A-game
• Being ready for any question on any topic
• Building rapport that helps assure positive press coverage
• Turning around an inappropriate question
• Keeping it moving; avoiding getting stuck with one reporter for too long

Scheduling Options:

  • Half-Day
  • Full-Day

Star Quality: Perfection For Personal Assistants

Description: This two-day workshop for aspiring personal assistants provides the must-know skills for supporting a high-powered executive, public official, musician or actor. From insider tips for arranging last-minute travel to securing impossible-to-get theater tickets, from planning a dinner party for twelve in Punta del Este to organizing a winter wardrobe, this session includes a range of activities that will put you on the path to providing award-winning service for even the busiest and most-demanding of employers.

Session Achievements (partial list):
• Developing effective methods of organization
• Selecting appropriate attire for work no matter what the occasion
• Mastering communication skills and knowing when and how to approach
• Assembling a network of sources for situations both expected and unexpected
• Keeping your cool in high-stress situations
• Determining who will have access to your boss—as well as when and for how long
• Maintaining confidentiality in all regards


Scheduling Options:

  • Two-Day

Welcome Aboard: Flawless Service For Flight Attendants

Description: This two-day workshop for new private flight attendants covers service essentials that are the sine qua non for making every journey as pleasant as possible for your employer and passengers. From creating a hospitable environment in the cabin to observing proper protocol with dignitaries and VIPs, and from effortlessly handling meal service to looking after everyone’s comfort and safety upon your arrival in overseas destinations, this interactive course will help you perfect methods to ensure your service soars.

Session Achievements (partial list):
• Determining what to wear so you best represent your employer
• Preparing yourself for the highs and lows of the job (both literally and figuratively)
• Observing the various roles you will play—from chef to nanny, from travel agent to first-aid provider
• Knowing and practicing the duties you will have before, during and following every flight
• Identifying the various types of corporate aircraft (from Gulfstreams to Challengers) and understanding the language and acronyms of aviation, including the alphabet
• Stocking a galley with the essentials—and keeping the area organized
• Sending your passengers on their way relaxed and prepared

Scheduling Options:

  • Two-Day